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According to Pete Storrie, The Treasurer for the Red River Dirt Riders M.C., the hosts of this event, there were actually five different events over the two day period. Two Qualifier events, scored separately, and combined for an overall on day two. Also, and  at the same time, the riders were scored for two one day National Enduro events...rounds 11 & 12.   Then on Sunday, at around 9:00, they started a support class, consisting of lots of our local hot-shots, who ran the same three loops as the national riders, but only rode each once, as opposed to the three loops twice.  The support class was scored against each other only.

Due to the restrictions on bringing in any bikes, or four wheelers, not in the competition, my coverage of this event was limited to those areas,  which I could access by foot before the riders arrived., after the riders left the start / check point, they headed east, & south for about half a mile, then into the first of 10 special 'test' sections, in this case, a 1.5 mile long, grass track in what was a camping area at the last Cross Country event.  


grassTrk1.jpg (30032 bytes)Sunday morning's first    ( and sixth ) special test...the South Enduro Grass Track.  Considerable ass-haulin' here !

grassTrk2.jpg (24301 bytes)Now that looks like great fun !!

Who is that cameraman?

Just before we left the start / check area, I was introduced to a guy named George McMahon, a long time Enduro Guru, who briefed us on the events format.   As far as I can tell, it goes somethin' like this. 

 You leave the check point on your minute, & ride the scheduled loop. There were three, each averaging 15 miles. The riders are given a specific amount of time to make it back to where they started ( the only check point in this event ). Then they would be sent off on a different loop, & upon their return sent out again on the third loop. During each loop, there were these test sections some grass tracks, some terrain tests.  It would be these sections in which you would be timed to the second. The fastest through the test section gets a zero point score, with everybody else getting points added to their score depending on how far back from the leaders time they finished the test. 

trussardi.jpg (22349 bytes)In the test sections, the key is to hang it out a be it !

104kurt.jpg (20527 bytes)The Camera doesn't really show how steep & gnarly this hill is...nor does Kurt Caselli  !!

  So the key then, I guess it to stay 'on time' through the loops, trying to save energy, body, & machine, then get with it as needs be, during the special tests. Yeah right. I heard many local riders say that " this was one of the tougher tracks that we've raced on" & " there was no time to rest, one obstacle after another".   Add to that, the fact that outside of Patman Racing's air conditioned van, it was over a thousand degrees...Kelvin. 

  Yet make no mistake, most of the guys moved with some relative expediency. As I stopped to take photographs, it was remarkable to see how closely they all stayed to their times, & each other. We'd see # 101 come by, then 201, & a moment 301...ten minutes later  we'd sure enough be seeing 111, 211, 311, & 411. What's so remarkable about that? This is after 80 miles !!

thefourth.jpg (19560 bytes)A couple of the fourth minute guys, during a 'conserve' moment.  Fred Hoess ( 404 ) took 3rd for the 2 days, Kurt, 7th

mrTrussardi.jpg (41079 bytes)Luca Trussardi, fourth overall.

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