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Race / Ride Reports

Pre-Race Reconnaissance

Riding Areas

Advanced Information on Some of the local Race Tracks & Riding Areas.

Next TCCRA Event: 


   On these pages I try to give you the latest information on the upcoming TCCRA event.  This normally includes,

1) A description of the area, and how to get there, with a link to a Mapquest map.

2) Track conditions, either from the track builder, a track officer, or firsthand info from my own latest visit to the area. I generally include a link to the riding area's weather from

3) I'll try to make track details available to you, like a GPS length measurement of the main track, type of soil ( if there is any ), and whether the track is "fast" or "tight", in order for you to be prepared with tire & gearing choices.

4) There may also be hotel or camping information available, & if so, I'll present that to you as well. 

                     I hope you find this page useful, and as always, if you have any suggestions, shoot me an E-Mail.