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Patman's  foto  opportunity










   Every once in a while, ya do somethin kinda cool, but alas, there's nobody around to see it.

 But on a lucky day, when the stars are aligned, just by chance, a kewl pic happens...           

  I think in the future, a team Patman member may be stationed at a strategic location ( difficult, fast, cool ) on the track with a patman's foto opportunity sign up, so's ya can be ready....( mid get- off )

    Then, I'll put the resultin' pics here for everyone to gawk at ! !

  Ha !  No charge of course.

   So here's some dirty fotos, of some of the locals.  i didn't take all of these myself. Most of 'em were sent in by other self centered folks...feel free to scan one or two of yourself & shoot it to me for world wide publication.

 Click on the pic to enlarge of course.

pat bonita.jpg (26430 bytes)
Patman @ Bonita

brian.jpg (25325 bytes)
Bryan @ Bonita

Pcay1.jpg (44849 bytes) that AIR-Time ?

wp.jpg (41239 bytes)

Mr. Will Pattison @ Murray

bryanpittsburg.jpg (10352 bytes)

Bryan @ pittsburg

Mike2.jpg (12098 bytes)

Mike @ Marshal Creek

pat su1a.jpg (52474 bytes)

Patman...Sick Air

L.J.race99.jpg (33094 bytes)

L.J. Boyer @ ...well, I dunno where !

Teague1999.jpg (25845 bytes)

Cindy @ Teague

Daydreaming.jpg (51262 bytes)

Missy @Twin Hills


willard.jpg (41111 bytes)

Willard Kelley @ Muenster


 whattahll.jpg (39112 bytes)

Pat "Oh Gawd! I believe I've lost contact with the ground !!" Burroughs







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