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I.S.D.E.   Page  three


As I said earlier, there were five events over a two day period. I had trouble documenting them all due to lack of off-road transportation.

However, we here in the Texas Cross Country Racing Association, had several riders involved in the event, most I'm aware of, some I'm not. Some were riding the support class, whose loops were out of phase with the national riders that we were struggling to keep up with on foot for most of the day. Thus I missed the entire support race...oh it was out there, & those riders should be commended, as I understand that the course was gnarly, and took some great amount of skill & determination, just to negotiate the basic loops. In fact, 53 of the 122 signed up for the second round of the national Enduro ...saved themselves for another day ( DNFed ).


So, Here are some pics, those that I have, of some of the cross country guys doing what they do. Keep in mind that any results that I may post, are for your entertainment only, these results are NOT official.

'click the pic'


adrian309.jpg (30556 bytes)Adrian Jacobs usually hangs out in the Semi-Pro class. It says A31 under the yellow sticker. I believe he ran the A Vet class on Sunday & the score sheet says fourth in that class... Silver Medal 

bobby427.jpg (47071 bytes)

You know him as A2, another Semi-Pro rider, Bobby Southard, ran in the A Open class. The Score sheet says Gold. Seventh in class if I'm readin' this right.

smith128.jpg (22807 bytes)

Darryl Smith, appears to have been Fourth in the A Four Stroke Class on Sunday. And, got a little close to something sharp with that left sleeve ! 


eric127.jpg (35220 bytes)Eric Hillhouse, P6, I think, in Sunday's A 250 class, rode to what appears to be a seventh in class...score sheet says gold.

He looked good all day.


oliver209.jpg (39097 bytes)Oliver Benetis, our AA leader, tried his hand & seems to have done pretty well for himself. looks like a Sunday score of 18th overall, fourth in the A250, there's that Gold word again.


Ok, so here's a bunch of pictures...enjoy.

I'm really sorry I couldn't get everybody...but hey, Don, & Dwayne, Russell, & Steve, & anyone else that ever has a  decent ( G rated )  photo, shoot it over, I'd love to post it...somewhere.

As always, click to enlarge.

406.jpg (30831 bytes)

105.jpg (20343 bytes)

122Lawson.jpg (15256 bytes)

2guys.jpg (14238 bytes)

414.jpg (19834 bytes)

219.jpg (16417 bytes)

cartwright.jpg (22186 bytes)

craig415.jpg (35493 bytes)

stevens.jpg (11519 bytes)

222.jpg (18801 bytes)

x16.jpg (48873 bytes)

120.jpg (18853 bytes)

227.jpg (11151 bytes)

  Carole always got some good action shots out on the Prairie...she wouldn't tell me what she did to cause these wheelies...I'm not sure I wanna know.


And now thanks to the folks who brought you these photographs, and the coming video...


Carole.jpg (10314 bytes)

Carole. Uphill, Grasstrack, & Prairie, still shots

PatnotPat.jpg (21658 bytes)

Pat.  Old Hill,  Bill's woods, Grasstrack, video

willyboy.jpg (14795 bytes)

Will.  Start area Rider close-ups

me.jpg (14158 bytes)

This guy didn't do shit. He sat in the Air Conditioned van all day.


Well all that's left to do is show you the videos.

As you know, that's kinda a tough one. We'll pick some good shots, & try to get 'em small enough for you to download, before your next birthday.

Maybe by the end of the weekend.



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