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i.s.d.e. Qualifier 


  It's not that often that a national Off-Road event comes this close to Dallas. So, when I got news of a  two day ISDE Qualifier being held  near by,  I felt compelled to attend.  As it turns out this was also rounds 11 & 12 of the AMA National Enduro series. 

  The event  was being held at The Red River Motorcycle Trails, north of Muenster, an area I'm very familiar with, having ridden there for many years. As I thought it would be unfair to unleash my superior riding talent, & vast knowledge of this particular terrain, on the national riders, it was decided that I would sit this one out.  But I would be present to see how the other half lives, & perform my duties to you, my off-road brothers, & sisters. Which is to say...get some pictures. 

 What I got instead, was cut on barbed wire, sunburned, then covered with dust, dehydrated, and eaten alive by all manner of north Texas insects, who thought that my insect repellant was just 'Icing  the Cake' ! 

Having to perform other duties at the airport on Saturday, I was unable to attend both days of the event. But, here's what I do have for you.

After gettin' up at the ungodly hour of four thirty, we proceeded to load bottled water, portable chairs, backpacks, food, &  lots of camera equipment into the van.  My co-driver, arrived at about five, piled more stuff in the van, & off we went.  The drive was OK, Will, & I chatted merrily about the benefits of four strokes over two strokes, as if it were a normal time of day.  Carole, realizing immediately that it was not a normal time of day, slept merrily in the back.




   We arrived at 06:30, & pulled through the gate right between Mr. Hawkins, & Mr. Watts, with my good friend, Pat Burroughs close behind ( in his new Dodge ).  After paying no gate fee of any kind, we drove to the well marked parking area, unloaded, & strolled through the pits to see who was here. As it turned out, quite a few dignitaries indeed.   Gas-Gas was out in force today, dominating the pits with their battleship sized rig.  Of course, there was KTM, Yamaha, & well, you know, the usual enduro types.  

shane.jpg (23859 bytes)Mr. Watts Chats with Mr. Storrie before 'tea' time.

paul.jpg (16493 bytes)  Mr. Burroughs putting Paul Krause to sleep with another one of his lame stories.

randy.jpg (31300 bytes)Mr. Hawkins, ( who, took the first days points lead ) doing that pre-race thang.

Nice hat!

ron.jpg (21877 bytes) Dirt Bike Magazine's Ron Lawson, was out testing new headlight configurations...on a neat DRZ.

   Of course, there were others to be sure, as you'll see. lots of guys whose names I can't pronounce,  and plenty of the local hot shots from the enduro, & cross country ranks as well. 

   After checking out some of the hardware in the impound area, we stood back from the scoring chute, for what was to be a completely uneventful start. 

HARDWARE.jpg (36682 bytes)    Here, on your right ladies & gentlemen, is where the animals are kept for the night.

hardware1.jpg (34299 bytes)The bright & colorful Texas Countryside, at 06:45. A Virtual noon it was a virtual hell !

  They start four guys a minute. Numbers 101, 201, 301, & 401.  Indicating riders 1 through 4 on minute 01.  The riders bring their bike out of impound, to the 'start / check / finish' chute just before their 'minute'. Then as their start time arrives, the officials scan the bar-code on the side of their helmet.  And a few seconds later, they get the 'go' signal.  

  These guys didn't seem really excited about it though. They would start their scoots, adjust their goggles, & motor away, as if on a 'sidewalk ride'. They would exit the Bright red check tent, turn right & head down towards the creek and onto the course.


1stOut.jpg (14602 bytes)TM mounted, Luca Trussardi, was the first out of the gate on Sunday morning.

nextrow.jpg (28398 bytes)Mark Stevens leads the next batch of riders into the sun. 

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