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More  Pics  of  the  Racers










mtaylor.jpg (27829 bytes)

It seems that Mr. Taylor ( Yellow lid ) is so fast, that the photographer can only get long range shots ! Boom ! Trophy at Murray !

 ( more to come )

JoeJean.jpg (40359 bytes)

Joseph Rafael @  Jean...Boom!

123tom.jpg (13361 bytes)

Tom Moore checkin' moisture content of some local whoops !


JustinRidge1.jpg (25807 bytes)

Justin Rucker @ The Ridge

123.jpg (24066 bytes)

My associates, Kind enough to allow me to lead through some muddy whoops !

123mike.jpg (9088 bytes)

Mr. Monkey Butt !


Justin_1M647.jpg (30846 bytes)

Good pic of Mr.Rucker

click here for Pics from the local MX park !!

JustinLkMurray1.jpg (22945 bytes)

And this guy again !


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