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Patman's  Oldies

Remember that old bike that you were so fond of, before ya knew ( or cared ) about carbon fiber reeds, & Steering Stabilizers ?   

In this section, I'll show ya some of the Machinery that I used to ride on the Cross Country circuit. ( or that used to ride me )


I Thought ya had to have a KTM in order to ride Cross Country. So when I found this peach, for 600 clams, I figured I had a winner, it even came with a Hallman fanny pack, full o' tools, & some kinda helmet, with no liner !!   How 'bout that blue frame...did that myself...gotta be different.   Oh yeah, and scope the red car heater hose on the radiator.  I Raced this one in the 250 amateur class during the early days.  This was one of the most unreliable bikes I ever had.   However, ol Lester "The Vulture " Stults, over at KTM in Fort Worth, not only kept my scooter runnin', but it was he who introduced me to this sport.

 Thank You Sir!!

K T M 250

Honda CR 500

  I think I raced this one in the O-30 amateur Class.   I broke my collarbone on this bike, & then later my arm, & after that, two fingers, my neck &...    Oh no, I'm just kiddin'. Well, not about the collarbone. No mortal man       ( other than the Patman himself  ),  has any need whatsoever for the space shuttle type power this thing had.

" can port it ?  Well yeah, let's go for it."

"Pipe, head mods, ignition mods?"  " Hit me !" 

 "I'm in. !! "      

   Too much, that's all I got to say 'bout dat.

Kawasaki / Klemm Research

 KX 301

Well just look at it.  A KX 250 punched out to a 301 so's I could ride the open Expert class !!  Please don't mention the colors...ya know there was a time when Paisley Print shirts were cool also.

Now this was a hot one, I really enjoyed it a bunch. Lighter & more manuverable than the other 'open' bikes I'd ridden, handled great, well suspended, look at that chain torque eliminator. This bike had every I mean every option, even a cute little pink strap behind the seat to pick it up with.

 This was probably my favorite bike in recent years, cause it allowed me to ride just after we had a child, & were strapped for cash. It never broke down. Ever. Ever.  I never had to work on it. Ever. It started first kick every time. It was suspended perfectly for me & handled like a dream.

 From Talon hubs, & Pro-Taper bars, to billet triple clamps, o-ring chain, & even a skidplate, this boy came ready to made almost as much power as a CR125.

 After the secret Patman mods, it made as much power as a KTM 125.

A T K 406


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