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 Muenster, red river riding area / track report


How to get there

The short story is this, fifteen miles north of Muenster, on 373.

Well, of course the first step ( if you're coming from Dallas ), is to get to Gainsville. Generally, that's gonna be I-35E north.  As you get into Gainsville you'll exit onto hwy 82 heading west towards Wichita Falls. I guess it's about 12 miles over to the town of Muenster. There's a traffic light there at Main St., Turn right.  Head north about one mile, & you'll come to the end of the road...sorta...turn left.  Now you're headin' west, go about three fourths of a mile, & the road curves to the right, ( north ) now you're on 373. It's about 12 miles to a little town called Bulcher ( I mean little nothing more than a sign ), go past it for about another half a mile, then 2382 turns left ( south ), but you stay your course, that is, continue on around the corner to the right, er north.  It's about a mile to the gate. It's on the right, has an arch, is painted green, & says "Red River Cycle Trails" on the top. Oh yeah, 'cycle trails' is what this place is, there's no hunting, so leave your firearms at home, and no jeeps, or buggies, either.

Update 16 APR 01:    The latest incarnation of this track looks pretty familiar. You'll recognize some of it as last year's track, run backwards. But there are some new, well different areas, a few tough spots, a few wet spots, and a few "one line, if anyone gets stuck there we're finished" spots, and a rock here & there.     It looks like the track this year is around 9 to 9.5 miles in length though it was not complete when I rode it, & I may have missed a piece.  I rode it this weekend, & it was great fun. Nothing that we couldn't make it through, no mudholes, nothing that looks real dangerous. Looks like it should still be fun next week as well. But, just remember, It will be sandy. It will be whooped out.  And it will be tight enough that ...well, you should try to get a good start.

The parking area has also changed somewhat from the last time we were there. They have added several covered picnic tables to the camp spots. not enough for everyone in the club, but certainly better than before. Don't forget to stay out of the pastures, once the grass is roosted away, there will be only dust to camp in.

Another Update 20 APR 01: Brian Storrie, Told me today, that I may have in fact missed a part of the track last week, and that this track ventures into the "East Woods" whatever that is.  And that we will be entering & leaving through gates other than the main gates, so keep your eyes open as you drive up there. Also, about the drive, I-35 E North will be closed just north of Carrollton, All Weekend. So get out your maps, & plan another route now so you don't get stuck!!


Don't forget, if you use the map link below, you can use all the map pages' functions like zoom in, zoom out, re-center, & over in the left nav bar is a place to print it out ... a couple of them if ya need different views to take with you. Play with it & you can get a detailed map all the way there.

Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description:    Pretty Big...well pretty, and big. Located on the Harris Ranch, this 2500 acre facility is the home base of the Red River Dirt Riders off-road club, & these guys put on some pretty nice events here.  I almost always have a good ride at the Red River facility. And if I don't, it's not the tracks fault !   They run Trials events here, so some of the land is, as you might imagine, gnarly.  They hold Enduro events here as well, and these loops run through the wooded hills, along the river, down a sandy creek bed, & out across a big valley & all over the place!  The land is nice, the scenery is nice, & you could ride all day if ya wanted & not see the same trail. 

Soil: The land has beach type sand down in the valleys, and of course in the creek ( this is lotsa' fun ) & it's also kinda deep in the woods to the east of the creek, & can get whooped out sometimes. Up on top of the hills though, the rains have washed the sand away, & left rocks, & gravel behind.

Elevation: Now we don't really have a lot of elevation changes here in this part of Texas, but along the Red River the Earth does have some little wrinkles in it's surface, that can make for some eighty or 'hundred foot climbs, & descents.

Dust: This place doesn't usually get too dusty, though lack of rain out in some of the more used trails can sometimes kick some up. I wouldn't call it a problem though.

Spectator Rating: I'd have to say the spectator rating is fair. Why not good? Mainly cause the land area is large enough that your hero could be ridin' for hours in the deep woods, & you'd never see him. There are lots of roads & trails, and if you know the area, it's easy enough to get around, but you might not be able to access the larger part of an Enduro or Cross Country event. 

Camping / Parking rating: I've never had a problem parking here. There are picnic tables around the creek in the woods and here & there, There are several camping areas, some with electricity, so you can party with your friends, or get away into some privacy, without being too far out.


Normal Hours of Operation / Fees: Normal hours would be on the weekends. 8AM till 8PM in the summer, till 6PM in the winter. They used to be open every day, but that changed some years back. I do think that they will allow you in during the week though. If you call 24hrs ahead, & ask them,  they'll give you a combination to the gate lock, & have a mailbox in which to deposit your fee of $8, the same as for a weekend. That's per person I believe, kids under 10 aren't charged if they don't ride. There are electrical hookups for $10 a night.  Call 940.995.2903 for weekday admission, & general information.

If you use the Weather link below, don't forget that you can use all of that pages functions, if ya scroll down a bit when you get there, there's a sat view of any rain in the area. Use 'local' to see what's in the area, & 'regional' to see what's coming. They both move as well.

Click Here for area weather from The Weather Channel


Reconnaissance  Photographs


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