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The  Last  ride  !!  


                            Here's  what  happened  at  the  last  race !


 Well of course the last race was at North Bryson, & a lot of people were not looking forward to it. Mostly because of past experiences with this track. 

 I've been there a few times myself, & have never come away with a warm & fuzzy feeling about the place either.  Not 'cause it's a bad track, or too rough ( I like it rough ) or poorly laid out. It's just, external forces, like the weather, or lack of it, that has messed it up the past few times.


The Patman Pit...With often needed 'tire crew'.

Mr.Monkeybutt is doing the tire change dance, to aid the process.

Mr Monkeybutt taking a pre-race sample...of some kind.

 Last year it was hard &  rough, with hidden rocks destined to dent my rims, flatten my tires, & break my bones, added to this,  was an inordinate amount of blinding dust.     In fact, that was the only race that I ever practiced, & chose not to race on Sunday.  Too dangerous. I figured, we might as well have raced at night, it would have been cooler, & the visibility would've been about the same!    








But, not so this year !  Personally, I think we have the Patman Rain Dance to thank, for the moisture content. I burned candles, did the rain dance, washed the hauler, planned a bar-b-q, & did everything else I could think of in an effort to bring rain to the Bryson area for this event, and, it worked, kinda.    

Good Roost...No Dust !!


  I thought the track was well laid out, even though it had a striking resemblence to last years track...& the one before that. And the rocks, & sand, & hardpack, all mixed in together, was still there, ( and the promoters usual bio hazard, the dead cow ) but that's what makes a challenging track. A good mixture of high speed speed straights, for racin' & passin' & whooped out difficulty, to separate the men from the boys, with just a bit of 'pucker factor' thrown in for spice ! 
I myself, had a crappy start, as usual, but all in all had a great race. It was fun. We had some injuries though. But Some excitement as well. Some practice changin' tires. Great flaggin' at the finish line, thanks to Mr. Romero. 

 I got to meet still more, of our good racers / members. And...we had a super supper the night before, Put together by The Cooks ...mmmm ... & all said & done, a good end to the first half of the season. 







With all that said, I present to you, in no particular order, some pics, of the event.

             Oh, and a note to the Prez here, ...welcome to the O-38-I Sir,'s lotsa fun here!    He He.


 v615b.jpg (31668 bytes)

Mr. Esposito

Y311a.jpg (52820 bytes)

Mr. Gove 

 openinter.jpg (17222 bytes)

Mr. Haisler

 o30x.jpg (39585 bytes)

A guy just can't find a quiet place to pee these days !

 j617nco.jpg (46059 bytes)

Those Frantic 125s


 e6rcng.jpg (26163 bytes)

Someones's makin' the Pass here...don't know which !

 flgman.jpg (10945 bytes)


jstrt.jpg (21999 bytes) 

Racing !   125 Intermediates.

j349.jpg (10894 bytes)

Mr. Cook 

dpass.jpg (22845 bytes) 

Another Pass...but again, not sure who's doin' & who's gettin'!

 125am.jpg (11036 bytes)

More good Racin'!

 l624.jpg (5731 bytes)

Rose is back...Brace & all !

l607.jpg (8970 bytes) 

Cindy doin' a mid whoop suspension test !

dvis10.jpg (32620 bytes) 

Dave 'E.T.' Visniski

( Electronic Timekeeping )

 don.jpg (24397 bytes)

Don 'don't take a picture of me' Ehmke

 ezskip.jpg (32681 bytes)

Skip Gove

E-Z there, Skip...

L308.jpg (32744 bytes) 

'Unknown lady Rider'



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