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Jean = Fast !

OK a show of hands here, how many thought that the Jean track was one of, if not the most, fun track of the year...thus far?

Fast & rough, that's the way I like ' the tracks that is. 

Last time we were there, the dust obscured what would have been a great track. Oh I guess the track was still there, but I kinda like to see where I'm ridin'... call me crazy, I dunno.

I had a little odd luck with my new scoot on Saturday, which kinda drained my mental horsepower a bit. I only got to do one lap of practice, & half of that was on Will's gas tank split open & let all that juice come out...first on my leg, then on the hot exhaust. No fire though. But plenty of smoke coming out of my ears!!! My poor new bike. Seems that Yamaha wanted to shave a few more ounces off the 426, & decided that the material that holds the gas in...wasn't that important. Thanks to Tom Moore for lettin' me use his tank on Sunday for the race.

 I got a good enough start on the NEW scooter, and the rain from the night before made traction great, & kept dust to a minimum so racing was good whatever the outcome. 

I got out onto the track in about fourth or fifth place, & was going OK until about 3 miles into it when Carl snuck around me when I wasn't lookin'. I figured that I get him back in a minute, but instead I got wiped off my scooter by a very unyielding tree.  Before I could get that damned thing started again, a couple more guys slipped by, & though I had a helluva good time racing that day, the track was fast enough to make it hard to make up time on anyone. Ninth.

I got a couple of pics from the morning start below if ya wanna see 'em.

So here they are in no particular order.

Click to enlarge of course.



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jean7.jpg (25582 bytes)

jean10.jpg (21457 bytes)

Porn at the Patman Camp

jean11.jpg (33008 bytes)

A new addition to the paddock...

The Patmobile !

jean8.jpg (39515 bytes)

...and another.

Missy's Cruise.

Nice silencer cap !

jean9.jpg (41342 bytes)

...and still another new bike. Cindy's new ride...hey where's that swingarm sticker ?!?



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