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 Cow Bone Creek track report


How to get there


First I'm gonna tell ya straight up, I've never been here before. But. I've got a better Map than the flyer, & I've researched the mapquest site for you so you don't have to struggle with it. Here goes,

From Ft. Worth go south on I-35-W, down to the little town of Alvarado. Cross the Hwy 67 junction, & just as you start to clear the town take the Maple Ave. Exit. Exit 24. You'll go to the right which will put you on 401 going south.

From Dallas, Try I-35-E, down to Hwy 67 then west to Alvorado, you'll have to get on I-35-W south for a minute to get down to Maple ave. Exit 24. Go to the right which will put you on 401 going south.

Continue south for 3.5 miles or so, & turn right on FM 2415, which heads kinda west, & south.  After about 3.2 miles, you'll turn right on CR 415, then look for the track to be on your right.



 I got this note from Scott Stidd, this afternoon. I'll get specific directions as soon as I can...


    Just so you know, there are two bridges out on 2415. CR 401 is closed for
repairs!!   Don't go that way.  We have an alternate route on the new map,
and it is easy to follow.  If you have any questions let me know.  I thought
you might want to update your web site for the map so others with big rigs
don't try to go that way, there is no place to turn around!

Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Don't forget you can zoom in, & print as you see fit. When you close the Mapquest window, you'll be back here.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description:  According to my source on the inside of the TCCRA, ( an assistant track supervisor that's bigger than me ) the track is,  well, This is what he told me after his initial visit. 

 "The terrain is mesquite trees and creek bottoms with a pretty neat farmland section in it.  There is a motocross section full of jumps that some folks will love.  

 The MX Track is not sand but disked up dirt . Several big doubles for those who wish to risk the outcome. 

 I understand that since the first report,  that the promoter has opened up the track considerably, and it may even turn into a " fast track " !

Soil: Lots of it.  Last year there were mostly red sand areas in the front areas around the MX section, and some black hard pack out back. All muddy of course.

Elevation: If you remember last year, it's not flat, but with no mountains either. There are enough ups, & downs to make it fun though. Like ravine, & creek crossing stuff.

Dust:   Well it's kinda hard to tell with this one. It wont be as used as some of our regular tracks, but last year it rained all weekend, & dust wasn't a factor.

Spectator Rating: As per last year track access wasn't too bad, so you should be able to see some stuff, but some parts of the track may be too remote for spectators.

Camping / Parking rating: I've been told that the camping area is wide open, but that there are some bumps out there that may unexpectedly bottom your careful. As you may know it's on a slight slope, with no trees...bring the EZ-Up.


Normal Hours of Operation / Fees:  As is so often the case when we don't own our own land, this is only open on race weekend, and the usual TCCRA race entry & gate fees will apply

Click Here for area weather from The Weather Channel

Don't forget you can scroll down & see a radar map of the area, & you can even make it into an animated map. When you're through, close the window, & it'll send you back here.


Reconnaissance  Photographs

Here at the six o'clock position you can see where FM 2415 crosses, CR415, the flyer says right on 415, track is on right.

Here's the Topo map, you can see now that there's a creek in the property, ( if this is the right spot ) and that there are no hills to speak of. Though it seems that the creek is in a ten foot deep valley.



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