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 N. Bryson riding area / track report


How to get there

As you may know, North Bryson is...well, north, of South Bryson. So, the travel directions are the same. Get to Hwy 380 as you see fit, I-35 north to Denton, then 380 west, or 114 north to Bridgeport, then 380 west...well you know.

The difference is, that south Bryson is on the west side of the town of Bryson, & N. Bryson is on the east side, as you come into Bryson, you'll turn right, North, by the diner, there at the corner of Hwy 380, & 1191. The track is on the left about a mile or so up the road.


Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Of course when you get to Mapquest you can zoom in, zoom out, choose a printer friendly map, to take with you etc. then just close the window, & you'll be back here.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description: Now, I know that some of you out there don't care too much for the property at N. Bryson, but since the promoter this time is our favorite track supervisor, & expert flagmaster, Marty Cathey, you might wanna come out & check this one out. North Bryson is a track that will get your attention, I've seen this track in the wet, and I've seen it in the dry...wet is better.   There are some cool areas that will let ya get yer hair blowin' as you go back & forth through some fields. You can practice your high speed flat trackin' there. There are some woods areas, but in the past, these haven't been too tight, but don't think for a minute that it'll be will not!  Anyway, Marty's flyer says that there's a new twist to this race.  I don't know it that means he's added a turn, or if we have to ride naked, but one way or another, you need to come check this one out.    

Soil:  Soil ?  I don't recall seein' any the last few times I've been there.  No. I'm just kiddin'.  Though I do recall a dead cow in the trail last year, that did provide a small jump, and a small amount of traction.  This place has a pretty good mixture. Some hardpack in the woods areas up on the hill, but the flat fields can get loose & dusty pretty quick. Down in the valley, you'll find the discarded moon rocks from the last lunar mission...but they'll be hidden in the sand, & silt. Be Careful! There has been water there...once. Bring your desert tires...and your air pump !  Unless it rains...oh well bring ALL of your tires !

Elevation: As I've mentioned, some of the track has been on the top of a plateau, & some down in a valley...this means that there is of course some elevation changes here & there, nothing too steep, or long, but it can get...technical when you throw in the moon rocks.   

Dust:   We'll hope for a little rain. Otherwise, daub some baby oil on the foam vents of your goggles...and wear a respirator...and use three air filters...

Spectator Rating: Not too bad. Up on the hill, of course the track practically runs through the pits, & you can actually see some of the track that's down in the valley from up there. It's not too bad gettin' down to the more technical areas, & there are a few roads here & there.

Camping / Parking rating: Again, not bad. There's lots of field up on the hill to pitch yer tent on, & some treed areas around the west of the entrance. I've been there in the rain once, & it took most of the Army to pull everyone out. 

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees:   I've only seen this one open for races, & I believe it is on private land, so hours of operation will be race weekend hours as usual.

Click Here for area weather from The Weather Channel


Reconnaissance  Photographs

Nbrysonsat.jpg (86511 bytes)

Here's a shot of the track area, 1191 runs up & down, there's a little house south of the big field, you can see the entrance running to the left of the 'entrance' text, & you can see a road with a loop in the end, where some camping is.

Nbrysontopo.jpg (127500 bytes) 

Here's a Topo for you us, geeks. Jet for 1350 feet around the top of the hill, & the field, then you can see it drops off about 80-100' down toward the valley, where the brown lines bunch up. 10' elevation change per line.

Where are you? the road ( 1191 ) is the red & white line. The flat area between 1350 & 1370 ft. is the flat field area.

maps from USGS




Hotels:  The closest hotels seem to be in Graham, about 20 min to the west, on Hwy 380.  As you come to town, go through the flashing light, then left at the next light, Hwy 16. The hotels are about 3, or 4 miles down the the Mickey Ds.  There is a couple in town, but no web sites.

 The one I stay at is the Gateway Inn, I'll give ya their number but you better leave a room for me!  940.549.0222

There's also a Roadway Inn,  but I don't have their number.




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