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 Cox Mountain track report


How to get there


Well the first thing is to get out of the metroplex. Head east on  I-30, if you live to the north, and I-20 may be your best bet if you live to the south.  

So then from the outskirts of Dallas, it's about two hours over to Mt. Pleasant, on I-30, or to the Hwy 271 junction if you're on I-20.

If you're going the I-30 / Mt. Pleasant route, take Hwy 271 South ( just as you get  to Mt. Pleasant ) down to Pittsburg.

If you're goin' the I-20 route take the Hwy 271 exit north to Gladewater, then continue on to Gilmer, where you Take 2796 north / east to the track.

If you're comin' south from I-30 to Pittsburg, take the 557 south / east down through Holly Springs, on to 4515. Turn Right, south. Go to 2796, where you'll turn left & on to the track.

Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description:  I was unable to view this track myself, so the following notes come from a very reliable source...sorta reliable. Well, kinda reliable...actually it may be a complete lie, but read on's all we got   ;-)  

Soil:  Sand is the word. Possibly red. And a rock or two around the hills.

Elevation:  I understand that the name of this place is Cox "MOUNTAIN"...go figure.  Look at the topo map below.

Dust:   Looks like there wont be that much dust if the rain keeps up.

Spectator Rating: See Notes Below

Camping / Parking rating:  See Notes below

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees: The usual fees apply for a race, but as far as I know, there aren't any open times for general riding, other than the race date.

NOTES:   As I have not seen the area myself, I thought I would just give you the report that I got on this one. You can thank your Asst. Track Super, Bubba Anders, for this one.  (thanks Bubba)

This is a technical track with lots of hills and lots of tight stuff . At yesterdays testing , there were very few places to pass. It has a big open field for a good start and will have a left turn to send you into the woods only to have a dry creek crossing in less than a half of mile. The track has many many twist and turns with a lot of hills and off camber turns at the top.
There is a log to jump and many small ones laying across the track. The soil is sandy in most parts but there is a section of rock going up small hills.
We have wet areas and a G-out creek crossing ( which is gonna be a bummer ) after practice ends. There are sections that are gonna get grooved real quick . My tire will be the 756 ft & rear. It has my vote for track of the year !!
It was real fun. Camping will be ok but there is not much level land . It is rolling hills and is a very pretty place. it is about 10 miles from the old Pittsburg track . Track length, around eight miles, give or take some mud detours.


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Reconnaissance  Photographs

CoxMtnMap2.gif (5357 bytes)

Locator map. use it to find the track area on the maps below.

coxMtn5.jpg (70215 bytes)

Aerial Map...just for fun.

CoxMtn3.jpg (102919 bytes)

And a blow up.

CoxMtnTopo.jpg (62257 bytes)

Topographical  Map. So you can see the rivers & hills, & bumpy spots.

Hotels:   ( from pit-stop ) Here is the number for the hotel in Gilmer. This is for the Pittsburg ( Cox Mtn. ) race. 
Ramada Limited    903-843-6099


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