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SMS Racing

Brian Storrie's Gas Gas Dearership, & Race Tech Suspension Center.



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Gear, & accessories



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Very few stickers get to ride on the Patman's scoot.



   I've just had the suspension on the YZM replica tuned... for the second time.  The first time, it didn't come out as nice as I expected, due to what I would call poor workmanship of another local tuner. So when I found out that Brian Storrie, the famous pro cross country racer, ISDE medallist, and race promoter,  had a Race Tech Suspension center, I loaded up my stuff ( shock & forks ) & paid him a visit...pronto. 

   The shop wasn't too hard to find. Just a few minutes north on I-35 to Denton, then Teasley Rd east, then right on Shady Oaks, & I was there in just a few minutes.  As SMS Racing is just starting to boom, they're quickly outgrowing their facility. And Brian's reputation for great suspension service, and the growing popularity of the Gas Gas line of motorcycles isn't hurting this boom either. What you'll find is a small but clean, & pretty well stocked, showroom ( for it's size ), complete with a few different models of  Gas Gas off road bikes, boots & helmets, race wear, parts, accessories,  etc. He does stock quite a bit of small everyday items, like lubes, grips, & tires. And  what he doesn't have, his preferred dealer status with the parts vendors allows him to get,  usually by the next day.   He doesn't seem to mind if you watch him work, ( that tells me that he's not the kind to cheat ), and he seems also to have the correct tools to do a proper job on your suspension. SMS supports several racers out in the Cross Country games, and Brian keeps them, as well as his business going strong. You'll also find one of the most personable guys you'll ever meet in Mr. Storrie. It's a wonder he's able to get any work done at all, with all the bench racing going on at any given time there at SMS. I like to bench race with anyone who'll listen, but I know that my job ( and yours ) would be done faster, if Brian wasn't so friendly.

   As for my suspension work, he installed the Race Tech Gold Valves, setting it up just for me & my riding style. He explained what he was gonna do. He did it on time, & at a very reasonable price.

Brian's shop is small, but if you want a Gas Gas, or real pro quality suspension service, don't let the size of SMS Racing scare you away. I say give him a try...after all, you musta noticed the growing popularity of the Gas Gas line...there's a reason. Tell 'em the Patman sent ya.

Right now, Brian's building me a 20 inch front wheel with a custom hub, & oversized disk for my Yamaha. I'll let you know how it comes out after Muenster.

Update 21JUN 01:     Well, I've had my twenty inch front wheel for a few races now, & I'm delighted!  It works just like I hoped it would, & once again, my bike, & my racing have benefited from a visit to SMS Racing!!

You can reach Brian at SMS Racing. 940.381.0737

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