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Shields Up !

A new ( prototype ) YZ / DRZ  Aftermarket pipe heat shield.


 "Do you own a YZ400, YZ426  YZ250f  or DRZ with an aftermarket pipe?  Have you melted the inside of the right knee on your expensive and stylish race pants?  If you're like us, then the answer is yes, and you've wished for a heat shield that you could bolt on to solve the problem. Well, here it is-or at least a prototype.

  It's made of 304 stainless, so it'll never rust.
Plus, it's plenty stiff, so you will have to be pretty sadistic to damage
it.  It attaches easily to any head pipe similar to the White Brothers and DSP units by way of 3 stainless steel hose clamps.  Further, the clamps have the highest corrosion resistance rating we could find, so they should last a long time as well.

  The shield is being race tested right now, but so far, it works quite well. We're going make a few improvements, then try producing them on a limited basis until we see what the demand is.  If you're interested, email Will Pattison at, and we'll put you on the list.  Once we get about 25 folks signed up- hopefully in the next several weeks- we'll build a batch.  Right now, it looks like the price will be in the $40 neighborhood, plus any shipping charges." 


You've seen the comercials:

"New Jersey...50 Bucks". "Fancy aftermarket Pipe...350 clams."    "Prototype Heat Shield...$40".  "Coolness factor of a prototype part...Priceless"!

 ( this is after all, a real live werkz style prototype )


shield1.jpg (51744 bytes)


shield2.jpg (45087 bytes)


shield3.jpg (44107 bytes)


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