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Race Hard - Play Fair !

Early Home of Patman Racing

 We Here At Patman Racing, are Dedicated to Keeping Off-Road Motorcycling As Fun As It Ever Was !!




What is Patman Racing ?

An RMX this year  of course !! ( er, never mind )

Anyway,  Just what ta hell IS Patman Racing ?

Well, nothing more than an informal club really. And not an extremely elite one either, cause as you'll see, you're probably just like us.

We are a bunch of riders, that are determined to Race as HARD, and SAFELY, and POLITELY possible. 

Yes, yes, naturally, we all strive for the gold ( er, plastic ) at the end of a race, but, not to the extent that any of the Patman Racers, would cut the track, run over a lady during practice, or jump a start...on purpose.

( Sadly, even the Pat-Man himself has rested under the black flag for...gettin' off in high spirits at a start...but that's history, let's not speak of it again. )

You wont see us speedin' in the pits, or roostin' the barrel workers. ( thanks ladies ), no drunk & disorderlies  or drug users here.

We Pack out our trash.

All, within the limits of good healthy competition, of course!  Which is to our competition...



Wanna Tell The World You 


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Click to enlarge of course

Here's a few of the Scooters you'll see with the much sought after Patman Racing Swingarm Sticker !

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