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Friends  of  Patman  Racing


pnrprerace.jpg (16905 bytes)

Pat 'The Plain' , & Rob Cook, involved in a little pre-race prep.

Trophy Guys !

MPa.jpg (35056 bytes)

Missy Pattison

Trophy Gal !

taylor2pub.jpg (18396 bytes)

Mike 'Mr. Monkey Butt' Taylor

 Another Trophy guy!

Cindypub.jpg (9381 bytes)

Cindy Gross

Another trophy winner !

We'll expect more now that the arm's healed !

Robcook.jpg (19864 bytes)

Rob Cook

And another !


ajacobs.jpg (32348 bytes)

Adrian Jacobs

And another still !!

tom.jpg (12157 bytes)

Tom Moore...

will.jpg (16995 bytes)

Will Pattison

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