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Flyin' P


  Ok folks, here are a few pics that I was able to get at the start of the day.

  There was considerable dustage and my auto-focus lens was becoming fouled, so this is all I got, but a few of you can still have some braggin' rights!

 What a nice race!  What crappy luck I had !   

 After my normal mid-aft pack start, I had to slow to a near stop from lack of visibility. But I found out two things about my new Yamaha, one  is, it's extremely fast and...uh...whoopable, so I regained a few positions on the first long sand-whoop section, where they bypassed the sandy woods. As I rounded the corner at the end of that section, I was feeling somewhat redeemed, perhaps unstoppable. So I ran headlong  into a cloud of dust ( don't ever do this ). There were stopped motorcycles there.  The So I ran into a couple of guys, to...uh, help boost them through the sand. That's when I found out the second thing about my new scooter. I doesn't just 'spring' to life after a stall in the deep sand. Nope. 

 The next thing I knew, the dust had cleared, the noise had faded, & the only evidence that a race was going on was me. Sitting in a deep rut kicking my new scoot. It's a four stroke ya know.   

 Well now I'm last, really last, like the last person on the whole track... and somewhat...irritated, at my situation. However, this is racing, so off I went trying to regain some momentum.  Which I did. It was probably six miles before I started seeing dust from other riders again, but it gave me confidence that I was "reeling them in". Sure enough, I caught a few racers napping in the back woods & made the pass. Rounded the next blind corner, started a nasty rocky uphill, encountered a stalled rider, lost my line, stalled...( did I mention I have a new four stroke ? ) & found myself in last place again. 

  Of course I could sit here & tell you the whole story, but it kinda all sounds the same. Bad luck after bad luck. I'd get a drive going, then stall that damned four stroke. Get cruisin' again, stall again, make up a few places. Repeat.  The good news is, that it ended on the "make up a few places" cycle. So I managed to scrape up a tenth place finish. Just enough to move me into seventh in my class. I guess some other guys had worse luck than me!!

 Anyway, here are a few startin' area pics.

Click to enlarge of course.


EamStart.jpg (71637 bytes)

JamStart.jpg (43820 bytes)

Vstart.jpg (37952 bytes)

JiStart.jpg (47564 bytes)

XamStart.jpg (42340 bytes)

NamStart.jpg (42572 bytes)

RamStart.jpg (39832 bytes)

SumStart.jpg (36465 bytes)

TamStart.jpg (33867 bytes)

VamStart.jpg (37951 bytes)



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