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 S. Bryson Riding area / track report


How to get there


Well, let's see, first ya gotta get to hyw 380 west.  From The northern parts of the metroplex, try 35 north to Denton, then 380 west, of course you could take 114 west to Bridgeport, then 380 west. I understand that the 287 / 81 north, thing works out well to get up to 380 as does 199 out of Ft Worth.  Once 380 gets close to Jacksboro, ya gotta make a little right hand jog ( 380 and 281 share the asphalt for a couple of miles into the town ) then left at the first light in town, onto 380 west again. Then on through  Senate, still heading west, & finally to Bryson.  Go through Bryson, ( just takes a second ) and about a mile & a half west of Bryson you'll see 3209, going south ( left ).  The track has in the past been about another mile or so down this road.

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Of course when you get to Mapquest you can zoom in, zoom out, choose a printer friendly map, to take with you etc. then just close the window, & you'll be back here.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description:   South Bryson has been track of the year on a couple of different occasions.  And there's good reason for that.  you'll find a good mixture of terrain, some areas where you can let your scoot stretch it's legs, a jump or two,  and of course, a few twisties, though all in all a fast track.

Soil: I probably wont bring my sand tires to S. Bryson. Though there a few sandy trails, this place leans more toward hardpack, with just a few pieces of gravel thrown in here & there for spice.

Elevation: Not much. The track builders in the past have found ways to bring us a little elevation change here & there, but for the most part, pretty level.

Dust: There has been some dust in the past, but not too bad, though the hardpack is there, there doesn't seem to be a lot of the silt, that makes for poor vision.

Spectator Rating: Pretty damn good.  There are a multitude of access roads & trails, and the track usually runs close enough to the camping areas that spectating isn't a problem.

Camping / Parking rating:  Though we've seen different arrangements for the camp area in past seasons, there seems to be plenty of room and even some shade trees every once in a while. 

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees: This one, I believe, is on private land, and so hours of operation are probably going to be limited to race weekend only, though I haven't seen this years flyer yet.

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Reconnaissance  Photographs

sbryson1.jpg (56168 bytes)

Bryson. The town, the roads, the ridin' area.

sbryson2.jpg (77367 bytes)

and of course a close up...Marty, is that you down on the right?




above photos from the U.S. Geological Survey 

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