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The latest on the newly formed Texas Off-road Racing Organization








  OK Here's what I've got so far.

 Last Tuesday there was a meeting up in Denton, Texas, of the newly formed board of directors of a group calling themselves TORO, or the Texas Off-road Racing Organization. As I understand it, they were there to start laying down the ground rules for a new club dedicated to Hare Scrambles type riding here in north Texas.  During the meeting a few things were decided that I will try to relay  to you.  This is NOT the official TORO site, and it is only my intent to give what I believe to be factual information here, so until those guys publish an official statement...well like I said, I'll try to give you the UNOFFICIAL facts.

 In no particular order.


 First of all, the Club, and indeed the Board of Directors will be made up of active racers from northern, & eastern enduro clubs as well as some of the northern cross country riders. In fact, the way I understand it, is that they have asked that all members of the Board of Directors be active racers.  The club wants to limit the membership, to a manageable size, for the sake of the tracks, the officers, and the members themselves. I don't believe the exact number of members has been decided yet, but the numbers "five or six hundred" were mentioned at least once.  The rules will probably ( as soon as they are completed ) follow the AMA Hare Scrambles rules, in the hopes that, possibly in the future, they can host an AMA event as part of the series.  I don't recall if this is a dead engine start or not, I'll get that later.  But the races will be  a "time + 1 " event. That is, they will be based on a time of, 30 minutes, plus one more lap, for the minis & ladies. 60 minutes plus one lap for the amateurs, and 90 min plus one lap for the experts / pros. 


 Second, it seems to be clear that  that TORO ( at least in it's infancy ) doesn't want to conflict with the the TCCRA ( Texas Cross Country Racing Association ) as it would not be beneficial to the promoters, or membership of either organization. So the guys at TORO are going to base their schedule in the major portion of the TCCRA's "off season".

 Thus, there will be six races in their "Winter Series", with points going towards an end of the series championship. The series will run from September 30th to February  10th. There will be one drop. Which is to say, that of the six available events, only five will be counted at the end. So you can race all six & drop your worst finish, or if an emergency arises  that would keep you away from an event, you can skip that event, & drop that score. They will be racing about every third week, on Saturday afternoon & Sunday.


 The race weekend schedule is as follows.  ( roughly )  On Saturday there will be one hour of dedicated practice time for each of three categories of rider, Expert, Amateur, and ladies / Mini bike riders. And this practice time will be allocated by the promoter / land owner, which is to say, that if they don't want a Saturday practice then there won't be one.  Then on Saturday afternoon they will race the Minis, Ladies, & later, the "Pit-Bikes" a fours stroke only, under 150cc, 16"rear, 19" front wheeled class...any age.


   There will be a one lap preview of the track before each race ( Parade Lap ).   On Sunday there will again be a Parade lap, then the Amateur / Expert races. I'm not clear on who races first, the Amateurs or the Experts, but there will be a parade lap before each event.  ( I am assuming here that the Amateurs will go first, because there will be a Sportsman class, that will make up the first row of the Amateur race, and I was told that the sportsman class could be used for practice, or an extra chance to ride on Sunday. The sportsman class, is not a points winning class, just a bunch of guys racin'.  And as I understand it, can be made up of any full size, class of bike, or rider ). Sunday afternoon, and this is time permitting, there will run the Quads...time permitting.


   At this point at least four promoters have scheduled a race. The Red River Dirt Riders have decided to put one on at Muenster. Brian Storrie will host one at his farm in Denton.  There are two others but somehow I lost that information. I'll let you know who the other folks are, & where they are, & when they are, as the soon as information is available to me. 


  They decided that the Saturday races will be a timed 30 minute plus one lap race.


 They also decided on some rider classifications, and they are listed below.



      50cc    amateur / expert          up to 9 years old.

      65cc    ama. / ex.                    up to 12 years old

      Mini    ama / ex                      up to 16, limited to 100cc two stroke or 125cc four stroke.

      lady    ama / ex

      Pit bike                    all age, four stroke only, 150cc max, 16" rear wheel, 19" front max.



     Sportsman                 1st row of amateur race, any full size bike & rider,  no points

     Pro                            1st row of expert race.

     125, 200, 250/4       ama / ex            125 & 200 2 stroke,  with up to 250 4 stroke

     250                        ama / ex

     open                     ama / ex           above 251cc

     over 30                 ama / ex

     over 40                 ama / ex

     over 50                 ama / ex


And if time permits,

    Quads                   ama / ex  and utility....?


This is pretty much all I know at this time. There will be another meeting two weeks from the last, which will be Tuesday evening the...uh...10th of July. It will be at the  Denton GAS GAS dealer, SMS Racing.  The owner, Brian Storrie, invites everyone to come, & LISTEN QUIETLY, but he also asks that you not call him directly for any information on this, as he would never get any work done, & surely go broke!!!








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