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Marshall Creek

 riding area / track report


How to get there


Well this one is kinda centrally located, so since ya could be comin' from about anywhere, I'll tell ya where it is & give ya a map.

The Marshall Creek riding area is on the north / west tip of lake Grapevine.

Access is generally from hwy 377 ( north / south ) to Marshall Creek Rd. in Roanoke.   From Denton try going down I-35w to 1171 east towards Lewisville, then right on 377 south to Marshall Creek Rd.    From The Colony or Lewisville, try 121 south to 114 west / north towards Bridgeport, to 377 in Roanoke, then north to Marshall Creek Rd. Or from L'ville, just come west on Main St., (1171 ) then, 377 south to M.C. Rd.   I'm not sure but you folks in the mid-cities may wanna just come up 377 to M.C.Rd. Or I-35w to 114 then east to 377...well, look at the map ! ! ! 


Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Of course when you get to Mapquest you can zoom in, zoom out, choose a printer friendly map, to take with you etc. then just close the window, & you'll be back here.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description: This is a Corps of Engineers property, that was once a very nice riding area. It has since been trimmed back to a much smaller & controlled facility. It does have some good qualities, even though the area is small compared to some of the local cycle parks. It's open 7 days a week from sun up to sun set. So you can practice on a Wed. afternoon. It's a great practice area, if that's all ya wanna do, you could get bored with this place after about 10 minutes if ya plan on an all day trail ride. Marshall Creek is like forty or fifty backyard motocross tracks, of sections if you will. There's the whoop section, the pop-up jump section, the fast beach section ( where my benchracin' photo was taken ), the woods, the trials, the moto sections, & on & on.  I'd say a great place to practice, but don't expect to go on a week long journey there. Caution, as the trails are not marked here, & it's open to ALL the public, WATCH OUT for the four-wheelers, & other off-road vehicles. whatcha brung...though sand is the order of the day.

Soil: Sand.   This is one place that I know I can ride at even on Tuesday, while it's rainin' ! Water doesn't seem to hurt this place too much. Not much rocks, only a small amount of black hardpack, on some of the back trails.

Elevation: None. the only hills are the little jumps, of which there are plenty. The tallest of which is about 10 feet, if that.

Dust: Not usually a problem at all.

Spectator Rating: There's roads & trails everywhere, so your babe...or guy, can easily get in for some photos.

Camping / Parking rating: As the park closes at sunset, I'm not thinkin' that you can camp. But there's plenty of parking, much of it on asphalt  ( for the rain remember )

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees:  Seven days, during daylight hours, no fees but ya gotta show the man at the gate yer helmet...bring it.  And don't even think about riding your dirt bike on the paved roads...that's a big no-no.

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Reconnaissance  Photographs

Marshallcrk1.jpg (121780 bytes)

North part of lake local hwys.

Marshallcrk2.jpg (111977 bytes)


Marshallcrk3.jpg (57214 bytes)

Mike, is that you roostin' on the beach?


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