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( Boar's Nest ) 

track report


How to get there


Like Jean, & some of the other tracks, first ya gotta get to Jacksboro.  From The northern parts of the metroplex, try 35 north to Denton, then 380 west, of course you could take 114 west to Bridgeport, then 380 west. I understand that the 287 / 81 north  thing works out well to get up to 380. As does 199 out of Ft Worth.  Once 380 gets close to Jacksboro, ya gotta make a little right hand jog ( 380 and 281 share the asphalt for a couple of miles into the town ) then straight on through town, onto 281 / 114  north / west. After about seven miles north of town, 114 splits off toward the left, that is west, where you'll  continue on to Barker Rd.. It's on your left just shortly after the 114 split. Then left on Barker and the track is about 1.25 miles down that road.

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Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description:  Alright, here's what I got. I'll try to get more info, & update it if I can before the race. I don't think we've ridden this track for a couple of years, & I was unable to ride it this weekend as I was hoping.  As best as I can recall, this track wasn't too bad the last time we went there, though it was pretty dusty then.  There are about three different types of sections as with all Cross Country courses. This one had some areas ( toward the end of the track, as it was ridden last time ), that are twisty, single track on pretty flat ground. There are a few of those 3 feet deep, three foot wide ditches running through the woods that you have to watch out for as you go. The single track sections are of  black hardpack, and run  through the trees, without much underbrush.  There are however, areas that connect the tree sections, that consist of very deep beach-type sand in open fields areas. The third type of section is up on the hill where there is thicker underbrush, and more rocky stuff kinda like some of the places at Twin Hills. Light colored, with small loose rocks.  Oh yeah, one time we ran under the hwy through a tunnel / bridge, rode a little way on the other side of the road, then back under it again to come back.  And there is a creek that runs through the area, but I don't know if we'll be involved in it or not.

Soil:  Well, I guess I already toldja about the soil above, but as most of you know by now about cross country, an intermediate tire is almost always best. But depending on how they have it routed, there could be a slight amount of hardpack over sand.

Elevation: As long as we ride around Jacksboro, you wont encounter any mountains. But there are a couple of bumps ( Hills, kinda like Twin Hills )  in the area. As I recall, the area around the camp was fairly flat but there is a rise to the property & they may or may not use it for the track.

Dust: The last time we rode here it was a little dusty. We've had a lot of rain this year, and have not encountered any huge dust so far. But again, it was dusty last time.

Spectator Rating: There are a few roads and trails in the area, so it should be OK for viewing.

Camping / Parking rating: Parking seemed a little cramped last time, but that may be just the area that I was parked. There seemed to be good shade there  though.

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees:   As is often the case, the track is open race weekend, and the normal TCCRA fees apply.

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Reconnaissance  Photographs


Jacksbro.jpg (103386 bytes)

That's the area that's about 1.25 miles down Barker Rd.

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