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How to get there


Like Jean, & some of the other tracks, first ya gotta get to Jacksboro.  From The northern parts of the metroplex, try 35 north to Denton, then 380 west. Of course you could take 114 west to Bridgeport, then 380 west. And I understand that the 287 / 81 north  thing works out well to get up to 380 also. As does 199 out of Ft Worth.  Once 380 gets close to Jacksboro, ya gotta make a little right hand jog ( 380 and 281 share the asphalt for a couple of miles into the town ) then straight on through town, onto 281 / 114  north / west. The entrance to the track is about 5 miles north west ( on 281 / 114 ) of where 380 turns left ( west ) off of 281 downtown.        Now here's the deal.   If you look at the map below, you'll see that you could get into the track area a couple of ways, but you might wanna just go on to Lowrance Rd., and turn right. Then about a quarter of a mile on your left take the gravel rd.  After you cross the cattle guard, there is a pretty steep hill. Jim says that you shouldn't have any problem makin' the hill even if you're in a big rig, but to be safe, I'd say to get on the pipe at the cattle guard, & keep your drive goin' on up the hill. But be careful, there's a pretty sharp break-over at the top.  There will be a "hill monitor" there, so if ya get stuck, just blow your horn, & they'll come get ya with the tractor. They wont be stopping anyone for a gate fee, until you're well past the hill, so everyone should be able to keep a good flow up it.


Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Now remember, you can just put your pointer on the map, & click to zoom in, then print whatever scale you need to get there. When you're through, just close the window, & you'll be back here.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description: This is a new track. Which is to say never before ridden. Not broken in. And not worn out. The length is gonna be around 9 miles, and it aint gonna be easy. But don't worry, Jim Lowrimore's been around a long time & knows what a cross country track should be.  He says that it'll be challenging, enough to keep ya interested, but it wasn't designed to be so tough as to not be fun.  I talked to him the other day, & he said that he kinda liked the Alto track's style, so you can figure that it'll have a few turns in it...if ya know what I mean.  There are a couple of those ...uh, "challenging" hills, and of course the ensuing "challenging" downhills ( trucks & open bikes use low gear ).  No water crossings, so at least you wont get muddy. And just to keep things movin', he's installed a half mile of open straight for you speed demons in the last half mile of the track.  Don't forget also, that there will be raffle tickets given away to Dads at the gate, that'll be good for a chance at cool stuff ranging from a helmet, to goggles, to race fuel, and even food. Jim wants this to be fun for everyone, & has taken steps to make it so. So I suggest you get movin', & come out to a new & non beat up track to see for yourself.

Soil: Jacksboro.  What more do I need to say.  Hardpack, that will eventually get some silt on the top, and rocks.

Elevation:  After gettin' kinda tired of the flat tracks we've had in the past, this one, like the Alto track, will definitely have some elevation to it.  Jim says we'll go up & down the big hill a couple of times. 

Dust:  Jacksboro.  Well the good news here is that the track is new, and the camping area has plenty of grass...well ground cover I should say, so it wont be as bad as say the Sahara. 

Spectator Rating:  Well more good news here, this is probably one of the most accessible tracks we've ridden on, so you can bring the fourwheeler, & get to just about anywhere to watch your hero...or tow him back to camp.

Camping / Parking rating:  I've heard estimates that it takes about 40 to 60 acres of land to provide us with a good camp spot, & Jim says that he got about a hundred. With grass ( sorta) and most of it's mowed. ( thanks Marty ) Don't forget to bring your bug spray. There aren't any big Oaks or Pines, but if ya like Mesquite trees...well you know.

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees: This one's on private land, and not normally open to the public, but you can go up there & Jim will let you in as early as Thursday afternoon, he says he doesn't want to stay out there by himself on Thursday night.  And as most of you know there are Hotels in the Jacksboro area as well as restaurants, all of which are just down the street.

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Reconnaissance  Photographs

jack2b.jpg (65526 bytes)

OK the road that goes straight up is the gravel road you turn on to go into the area. In the center of the picture, it goes up a big hill, though you may not be able to tell from up here.

Jacks2c.jpg (124513 bytes)

And this is of course a blow up of the pit area.

Jacks2topo2.jpg (121596 bytes)

And for those of you who can read it...a Topo. It's arranged so that the faint dotted line going straight up, is the gravel road going into the camp. NOW you can see the big hill goin' into the place and some other terrain as well.








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