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Flying 'p' Riding area / track report

Last Updated 07SEP00 !

How to get there


The Flyin' 'P' is located just north of the town of Weatherford, about 20 minutes west of Fort Worth on West hwy 20.

As you Get close to Weatherford, you'll exit on Hwy 180 ( aka Ft. Worth Hwy ), which kinda continues west, paralleling I-20. I guess It's about another 10-15 minutes into the town. Watch your speed!

At the center of town is a 'circle' with a courthouse in the center, you'll come into the circle from the three o'clock position ( the east ), & you'll take the first right out of the circle, heading north ( 12 o'clock ) this is HWY 51 north ( also called north Main ).

Head up to Fourth St, also known as Hwy 920, where there's a traffic light & a store / gas station on the left, & turn left, heading west on 4th ( hwy 920 ). 

It's about a mile to 2421, Zion Hill Rd ( I think ) where you'll turn right ( north again ).

I think it's about 4-5 miles up the road to Sweet Springs Rd. where you'll turn right.

About a mile down the road it takes a sharp left & you can see the entrance to the park there. There's a gate, & what looks like a small farm or petting zoo there as well.

Click Here for a Mapquest Map.

Of course when you get to Mapquest you can zoom in, zoom out, choose a printer friendly map, to take with you etc. then just close the window, & you'll be back here.

Track conditions, gearing, tires, etc.

Description:  The 'P' is one of my 'all time' favorite practice spots. It used to be quite a large piece of land, but there was a legal thing, & regrettably, a good portion was lost some years ago. There are a pretty good amount of trails, & three natural terrain MX tracks, that ( thankfully ) are all directionally marked. 

 The P  has a lot of good area to ride. Normally I say to bring all the gears you have, and having seen this weeks track, the song remains the same. 

 There's even a kiddie oval where you can see the entire thing, to watch your kids.

Soil:  I'm not sure there is any soil there...oh just kiddin' but bring your chest protector ! AND your sand tires !  The MX tracks are hard, most of the time, in fact most of the area is hard most of the time. There is lots of that white gravel lookin' stuff everywhere. 

 There are some wooded areas, north of MX tracks two & three, that have a good amount of deep sand but it's a small portion of the entire area. However, small though it may be, David, has found a way to put 40% or more, of the race in that deep sand.  And it's kinda tight in those trees there. And the wind doesn't blow in those trees, so bring lots of water, for you AND your bike !!

 There is also some black hard pack, like at Rocky Ridge over on the west side. But again, it's mostly a tire eatin' hard terrain area. Tire choice will be tough here, There is enough deep powdery sand to warrant a good sand tire, but enough rock & hardpack to destroy said tire in about a lap. 

 David is using some of the southern portions of the track this time as well, and as of my last visit, it looks to be extremely varied , and a long loop to boot!  From the deep sand in the tight trees, to the faster black forest runs, to the southern trails that are more open with no trees. Then back toward the north again for a small hill climb, & some smartly paced gravel strewn trails. 

 While not terribly pleased with the track I saw before it's completion, I must say, that the completed version looks to be good fun for everyone.  The promoter, has even built a lighted, shower / restroom facility, that will surely make things a little more comfortable for everyone as well !!

 Try to make it to this one. It's a cross-country track!!   

Here's a an opinion actually, the Dunlop 756 has a sand type knob pattern, with a soft enough rubber not to get torn up on the rocks. That's what I use...suit yourself. David however, is running a 'full on' sand tire...a Lagunacross I believe.

Elevation:  I can't think of too much terrain out there though there are some small rises here & there, and the MX tracks 2 & 3, have some small hills. As usual, nothing more than 30-40 feet, and those rare. There is one small hill climb, on the south side of the property, that I think has been incorporated into the track.

Dust:  Well, as it's so hard in some areas, dust can be a factor, but it hasn't been in the past, cause we usually race the faster more open areas where the wind can help blow the dust away. The black dirt in the trees doesn't really dust up too much. A lot of the area is covered in that gravel stuff, there could be dust there, but it's in the open faster parts so maybe it'll blow away quickly. The MX tracks don't seem to generate it for some reason. But, keep in mind that it hasn't rained in two months, so I wouldn't be surprised if a column of ants generated a dust storm. The sandy woods are gonna be a pain in the butt though, but only if you're within a mile of another rider !    ;-)   Rain outlook...fair.

Spectator Rating: Excellent, pretty good access everywhere, lots of roads, again, 3 MX tracks with access, & for the most part, not too much underbrush.

Camping / Parking rating:  Again, Excellent. No lake like at Murray, or the Ridge, but enough trees, to remain comfortable. And of course with the recently added shower / restroom facility, you shouldn't be too uncomfortable.  Please make sure ya pick up your trash.

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees:  This place is open year round. They open the gate early in the mornin', have good campin facilities, & I think the charge is $8.00 a day. And for the race the normal TCCRA fees will be in force.

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Reconnaissance  Photographs


flyinp3a.jpg (55236 bytes)

Main entrance is at the corner of the two roads, 'MX Track one' is in the bottom left corner of this shot.

flyinp3bmx2.jpg (27936 bytes)

This is 'MX Track Two, which is North & east of the Main Entrance

flyinp3b.jpg (105615 bytes)

More of 'MX track Two' & 'MX Track Three'



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